A fascinating journey in the history of Sardinia, nicely guided by the young islander musician Zoe Pia. First thing, the title of the project is intriguing: indeed Shardana, which stands for   “ the people of the islands that are in the middle”, are named for the first time  in Egyptian sources in 1350 BC. Described as a fearsome people of pirates and mercenaries, they are assumed to inhabit Sardinia and therefore to be  the ancestors of modern islanders. Zoe Pia, perfectly at ease with classical music as with jazz, leads a research work that takes her to make full use of the Sardinian folk music. In addition to the clarinet, she plays the launeddas in an experimental way: it is a Sardinian wind instrument attested to be used in a time ranging from prehistory to the present day.

In the first concert on July 2 there will be Roberto De Nittis at the piano, keyboards, toy piano and Kalimba

  • Date2016-07-02
  • Time11:00 AM


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